Hi! My name is Denis Garmash, and I am an industrial designer.

Thanks to my partners and friends I was fortunate to work with established mass-market clients like Adidas and BWT, emerging small luxury brands, NFT entrepreneurs, urban design projects, innovative carbon fiber Industry, startups, banks and more. I am working freelance, with talented design partners in the studio Masshtab and with other fellow designers. Living two time zones and working around the world.
My multidisciplinary approach is based on experience in various design fields, such as Industrial, graphic or architectural design. The core - is a unity between theory and practice of industrial design.
I am calling myself a design purist, but I love to experiment, explore and be awkward. I adore futurism, diversity of modern times and cultural foundation. I do believe that ‌there is a place for many sorts of good design in the world - some have to be fun; some have to be serious.