Innovative avionics designs.  

Award-winning project was done for an avionics manufacturer Navigator via the Moscow design competition in 2022. The target market of this devices is General Aviation and the hardware is chosen to be as middle step between fully touch capable devices and traditional button-only glass cockpits. The overall direction of design development was to think outside the box, tick the checklist mark for the modern avionics and to introduce new ideas to the industry. Below are different designs for Primary Flight Display (PFD) and Multifunctional Flight Display (MFD) bezel body and controls.

Vision 1


This design is combining mini touch panels in the corners of the bezel to replace classic double knob functionality, as well as additional light signalling to get pilot attention over failures or active menu options

Vision 2


In this design I am combining one of the established new trends in consumer electronics design - translucent buttons with screen underneath. That way the screen can be used without touch functionality providing familiar tactile response and more redundancy. The function of buttons can change depending on the menu page, unused buttons are easily recognised reducing workload

Vision 3


The modularity is very important factor for aviation as well as redundancy. This design is combining the idea of having minimum amount of highly customizable modules on manufacturer side which can be combined in vastly different cockpits for upgrades or new airplanes

Overall the client and jury was presented with 6 designs 

incorporating a broad range of ideas based on technological solutions available today: 

The demo stand with custom sidesticks is another project participating in same competition with success. The design is focused on modularity and presentable professional look, as well as the ability to show any avionics setup imaginable on the expo floors.